Comm-friendly wants post!

What I'm currently looking for, broken up by Pokemon/line. Pictures are from Google Images; if they're yours and you don't want them to be used, let me know and I'll take them down. It's not my total wants post (see sidebar for link), but these are the harder-to-find items. :)

Eeveelutions (includes the others)
Eevee Canvas plush (2009, TTO)

Glaceon Pokedoll (TTO is fine!)

Jolteon, Flareon, Eevee Pokedoll Figures (Waku Waku Get)

PitaPokes: Leafeon, Espeon, Jolteon

Espeon Pokemon Time Strap (the original)

Pokebox Charms (Lollipop Espeon, Vaporeon, Leafeon)

pokebox charms

Pokebox Charms (2014 Leafeon)

Pokebox Pins: Espeon, Jolteon

Eevee Collection Cups: Leafeon, Eevee, Glaceon (or I'll take a whole set!)

Vaporeon minipuzzle (Ensky)

Banpresto I <3 Gothic Espeon

Kyun Chara Figures (Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon, Eevee)

Umbreon, Espeon, Eevee Pokemon Time clear file

2009 Umbreon and Espeon glasses set

I <3 Eevee mascot plush--Espeon

Espeon Kuttari plush, JP, both Sleeping and Awake

Banpresto Twinkle Dream Plush, Vaporeon, Jolteon

Pokemon Center Jolteon 2015 Plush

Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur

Grass/Bug type focus tote bag

Banpresto Keychain

My Pokemon Collection plush (first one)


X&Y Kid

Dot Sprite Strap

Pokemon Center Mug

Charmander Kuttari plush, JP version, both Asleep and Awake


Banpresto Halloween Plush

Pokemon Time strap

Shadowball (attack) Kid

Magikarp & Gyarados

Life-size Shiny Magikarp plush

Shiny Magikarp (Nagoya Renewal) tea cup

Shiny Magikarp (Nagoya) charms

no title
MWT Minky (2009) Magikarp Pokedoll Magikarp/Gyarados T-shirt


Pikachu & Raichu

Dittochu Rainbow Promo Clear File

Raichu Canvas (tush tag only)

Patchwork Pikachu mascot plush

Pokemon Time Raichu Tin

Little Tales Steel Tumbler

s-l1600 (1).jpg
March Monthly Pikachu


Pumpkaboo Clear File

Goomy Damono Clear File

Hanafuda Clear File Sets (All of them)

Hanafuda Pins: Charizard, Eeveelutions, Kanto Starters, Venusaur, Aerodactyl, Gyarados+Dragonite, Articuno, Arbok+Slowpoke, Goldeen+Seaking, Sandslash

Pokemon Time Xatu Clear File set

Pokemon Center New Year 2016 Plush Pair (JP version)
Red Gyarados

Not sure what to call this.

Right now, I'm looking at seriously downsizing all my collections, but specifically my Pokemon and nail polish collections. It's an issue for a number of reasons--space, financial, my sanity (tied to the space and financial thing). I did some really stupid stuff, my first couple years in grad school. I was stressed and depressed. Some people turn to drink and drugs under those circumstances. I turned to credit cards and (online) retail therapy. (Compounding that, I think was some undiagnosed ADHD-related stuff.)

So, I'm trying to make a little of that money back. Sounds easy in theory. Go through everything, take the things that aren't "central" to my collection and pop them on eBay. But it's not. Every time I put something up (that isn't grab-bag nail polish or freebies that came with purchases or part of a lot from which I only wanted one or two things), I'm admitting that I didn't really want whatever it is, and it was an impulse purchase, and then I get down on myself. I shouldn't. I know I shouldn't. But it's difficult not to. The nail polish is a little easier to let go of. I probably have duplicates (or close enough) of several colors, and I'm figuring out what looks good on me, and what finishes I like and dislike. I still really don't like going through it, and unfortunately the indie polishes are a lot easier to destash than the mainstreams. (With the mainstreams I might have a hope of replacing them if I regret it. Indies? Not so much.) I also feel like I should give each polish a shot (unless I look at it and go "OH GOD WHAT WAS I THINKING?"), but it's harder to sell swatched or used polishes via eBay. There are other venues, but that requires a bit more effort.

The Pokemon collection is really hard, since I actually see it and it's not stuffed in boxes and hidden under stuff the way my polish is. I've gotten my big grail plush, so in some ways I kind of feel like I'm done, and everything else is extras. BUT. I'm not sure what to part with. The easiest place to start seems like it should be the things that were for-sure impulse purchases--some of the promo plush, any Ampharos, the Kyogres, various Pikachu and Raichu. But I look at my collection, and I just can't. In some ways, I feel like everything has a story behind it and its acquisition, and I want to hold on to it, to hold on to the feeling of getting the cool thing (both purchasing it and again when it arrives in the post) and having people ooh and ah over it. In the case of several things, a case of getting an item that I consider a grail or a minigrail. So those (the grails) are safe. It's everything else. The Ampharos Banpresto that I really only bought because it was adorable. The Kyogre Tomy that I wanted because it was huge and fuzzy. The Xatu Pokemon Time plush that I bought...because it was cute (and it's the closest thing I'll ever get to a Natu plush). The Xerneas Pokedoll, which I wanted because I liked the design (even though I've still not finished X and I don't love its design in the opening to the game). The Raichu Banpresto that was one of the big things I won a bid war on. I don't know what to do with them. Logic tells me to sell them: I'm an adult, I don't need toys, and it frees up space and some money to pay off my debts. My inner little girl, though, says "BUT MINE!" and I have difficulty shutting her up (which is how I got into this place).

So I'm trying to sort out what I will and won't miss. I can't say I'd miss everything, but at the same time, there's very little I can for-sure say that I won't miss, and I'm not sure I can handle this. I'd like to ask BF to help me out, but I feel like that's a cop-out, that I can on some level blame him for making me part with my treasures, which isn't fair on him. I have no idea what to do or how to do it.
Red Gyarados

A realization, of sorts.

I think I'm drifting a bit from Pokemon collecting. I still have things I want, but I'm trying to focus it a bit more rather than buying random stuff. (This is how I ended up with the 2-ft Substitute, the 55cm Pikazard, a 1:1 Eevee, and so forth. Zero impulse control.) I'd like to downsize my collection a bit, so I have some more space and some more money to put into other hobbies that I've picked up lately--nail polish, video games, fountain pens and ink and my Sailor Moon collection. (And, you know, money to actually adult and save and pay off my credit card and student loans.)

Thanks to a PKMNCollectors member downsizing her collection, I think I've come to the realization that I enjoy the thrill of the chase, commiserating with other collectors about lost items/the mail/the lack of non-Pikachu merch and getting the package in the mail more than the physical item, especially when that item is something I want to keep minty-fresh for collector's reasons. I think the thing I've gotten the most joy out of is my tagless, somewhat loved Wailord Pokedoll (and the giant Wailord released last year), because I don't "collect" Wailord and I don't feel thoroughly awful about handling it or dropping it. (I'm sure there's a Wailord collector out there who may be cringing a bit...) I'm not sure that the majority of my collection makes me happy. There are exceptions (Wallace, my Tomy Charizard (which I love dearly), for example), and there are plenty of items over which I have a certain pride in ownership (rare-ish stuff, since I don't have anything super-rare, or plushies that I got a really good deal on, like the genuine canvas Espeon that I picked up for a song), but most of it doesn't inspire "joy" as such. But when I go through my plush collection, and there's very little I would unequivocally sell. There are a few things I'm conflicted about, namely my minor side collections of Raichu, Furret, and Lapras.

Raichu, Furret: I probably shouldn't have considered these as collections, because it led to me picking up a few things I regret, namely the Pokemon Time plush from last year. There's something I don't like about both plush, but I can't put my finger on it. (Other than the fabric. I was a bit disappointed in the fabric. Now I know that it's normal for PokeTime plush, but still.) Maybe it's the eyes. Either way, I don't particularly like either of them, but I can't decide if I'll regret selling them or not. In the case of Raichu, I think I got caught up in the wave of excitement about Raichu finally having some plush and being featured in a promotion. I'm not a completionist collector by any means (I don't have to have every flat or keychain ever), but I am a plush collector, so I felt almost compelled to add it to my collection. Furret was a similar case, with the added "complication" of being a major part of my team in both Gold/Silver and the remakes. I will also say that the promotional art and pictures released beforehand look cuter than the actual plush do themselves. In the case of Furret, the rest of my Sentret/Furret collection (the tail campaign charm, clear file and ballpoint pen, the Sentret friends plush and the MPC Furret plush) is pretty inconsequential and cheap, and I don't care about this line enough to go after the Tomy Furret. Raichu, however, is a different story. I've never really used it in the games, but I did buy several plush in addition to the PokeTime plush: Both the I<3 Raichu bag and DX plush, the Pokedoll, and the Banpresto DX "Fuzzy" plush. My trouble with the Raichu plush is that the Banpresto ones are essentially the same plush, just different sizes and fabrics, so having all of them is a bit silly. And the fuzzy plush was a really expensive impulse purchase. (I got it on Y!J for a cheaper price than he usually goes for, on an AUCTION. I rarely win Y!J actions, so I was pretty thrilled.) I'm not entirely sure what my logic for buying it was, or why I needed to have it. On one hand, I prefer it to the newer I <3 Raichu plush. On the other, I could pretty easily sell it and make some money, since it still has its tags, more easily than I could with the other 'chu. I'm torn. It feels really odd not to be a "Raichu collector" with this relatively rare plush. On the other hand, I like it better than the alternative, less expensive plush. I'm really not sure how to handle these collections. What to keep? what to sell?

Lapras: Similarly, I'm not sure how to handle my Lapras collection. I've got the I <3 Marine plush, the fuzzy Tomy, the Canvas, the MPC plush, two Pokedolls (one MWT, the other TTO), and two clear files. It's not something I'm particularly dedicated to, and not one I actively collect apart from the occasional item, and I'm not really sure I'd miss most of it. I've previously thought of selling one of the two Pokedolls, but which? I like having the one with the tag for reasons, but it would be the easier of the two to sell.

Miscellaneous stuff: Big thing is the 1:1 Eevee. I'm not an Eevee collector (my Eevee plush wants are mostly to complete sets) and it's not my favorite Eevee plush (that honor belongs to the DX HQ Banpresto plush). I'm still working up the guts to sell it, since that would be the only part of my collection that I've sold. (I've sold other Pokemon items before, but those were either freebies that came with orders, or things I bought because they were part of a lot Most of my other miscellaneous stuff (my Kyogres, Wailords, and the random stuff) are stuff I do have at least a bit of affection for. And maybe that's in part because I bought them because I liked them, and not necessarily because I trying to fill in gaps in a collection, and only to fill in gaps. Like I said, I'm not really a completionist, but most of my collection is plush.

At this point, I'm not selling my fire lizards, 'saur line, Eeveelutions (other than that 1:1 Eevee, possibly), my costumed Pikachus, or most of the other plush. There are a few miscellaneous things that I'm not particularly attached to other than what I've mentioned above. Any future collecting, though, is going to be a bit more targeted to stuff that's currently on my wants list, useful stuff (glassware/mugs/tea cups or stationery/clear files/writing implements/tape), cards or particularly awesome promos. I'm also contemplating letting go of a few items on my wants list, namely the Rainbow Promo box plush, since they don't come up for sale very often and the odds of finding one in its box is really quite low.

Patience is not one of my virtues

So, this weekend saw the launch of the Pokemon Time Eeveelutions. Yeah. More 'Vees. (Do we really need more?) Every Pokemon Time campaign includes blind-packaged tins. This year, though, there were also blind-packaged rubber straps (in addition to the normal figure straps) and blind-packaged t-shirts. Blind-packaged T-shirts. I have no idea what the logic is (beyond making people buy more to get the shirt they want, with the added benefit possibly giving everyone a fair chance to get the one they want, since I imagine Sylveon and Umbreon would be gone very quickly), but there we are.

I managed to get the mascot plush, figure straps, and clear files I wanted via community pickups. I left the rubber straps and tins, figuring that I could pick them up (opened) on Y!J or Pokevault later. Turns out that PokeCen really loves "secret" versions of blind-packaged items, and there are "secret" Eevee, Espeon and Umbreon poses. It seems that Umbreon is VERY popular in Japan, since the secret pose Umbreon strap auctions quickly run up to a lot of money (for something so tiny), to the point that it becomes cheaper to buy the one off eBay (when all the middleman fees are added in, at any rate). I'm still stalking Y!J for both Espeon and Umbreon straps, though. Maybe I'll get lucky. A part of my brain is aware that it might be better to wait until the hype dies down, but I'm not patient.

The other thing I wanted from this promo? The T-shirts, despite being blind-packaged, me having zero luck with blind packaging, and the fact that I'd probably never wear them. I wanted one each of the 'Vees I collect (Vaporeon, Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon) and Jolteon (I'm developing a soft spot for it, it seems). Unfortunately, the person doing pickups couldn't get the shirts. So I'm stalking Y!J again. I BIN'd both Espeon and Umbreon just to avoid the stress of auctions, despite my brain's cries of "Yo, that's 50 dollars for a T-shirt" once you factor in shipping and fees. (Ok, not quite, owing to the favorable exchange rate.) I am very glad I BIN'd Umbreon, though, since the auction for the last one on Y!J went for 6000 yen! I haven't managed to find Vaporeon yet, though. The lot I was eyeing was bought while I was asleep T_T, and there haven't been more of them popping up (yet). I'm hoping that PokeCen restocks them one of these days--they'd have to be mad not to (since they sold out on day 1), but you never know...

Edit: And of course, true to form, PokeCen restocked the shirts after I'd bought them. Go figure.

So mad I could spit nails

This has not been a good couple of months for me as far as the post office is concerned. The big thing was that my order from went missing. It was shipped via FedEx Smartpost, and marked as "Delivered" two days before it was supposed to be, on the 25th. Well, owing to the fact that it probably was taken to the office, and my work hours are not amenable to going to the office (I work 9-6, with a 45-minute commute in each direction, and the office is open 8:30-5:30 with a break for lunch), I asked The Boyfriend to go during the day. He didn't. He also didn't for the next three days. Then, on the 29th, because we were going away for Labor Day weekend, he finally actually went to the office. They didn't have it. They had three other packages for me (two boxes from PKMNCollectors members and my ILNP fall preorder), but not that. OK, no big deal, because it might have just been hidden or stacked with the apartment number facing the wall or some such. We'd get it when we got back. So, one weekend later, I went back to the office and had them look. Nothing. (Now, there *was* a box with a peeling label next to the bigger stack that they didn't look at, and it looked like the type of box used by, based on unboxing pictures from PKMNCollectors.) So, I called the USPS customer service number. I got a phone call later that afternoon from the area postmaster, saying that she'd spoken to the carrier, and that it had been delivered, probably to the office. OK, so where is it? My guess is that since Smartpost packages get left in the mail lockers, he put the package in the locker but left the key in the wrong box, so someone else got it and either kept it or threw it out.

As much as I hate doing this, I contacted's customer service to explain the situation. I contacted them on September 6th. There was no movement on the issue until I submitted a second ticket (strongly worded, at least for me) on September 17th asking why there had been no update on the first ticket. They asked for the ticket number that afternoon, but there was no further action for a week until I contacted them again via chat. Then they asked for the tracking number, and it's been three days since I've heard anything else.

I'm actually more disappointed in's handling (or lack thereof) of the situation than I am with USPS. I realize that it's not their fault (if it was anyone's, it's the mail carrier's!), but I've had indie or eBay sellers and other companies (Adagio Teas, Primal Wear) send replacement products out or offer refunds within three days of my contacting them when packages get lost.
(I had a spate of stolen/lost packages when I lived in Ohio because the mail carriers were really inconsistent and would leave parcels in plain view if they didn't fit neatly into the mailbox.) If I have to, I will do a chargeback on this order, because I have followed up with every avenue I can think of that's available to me, and no one wants to fix this. I really don't appreciate stall tactics and being treated, at best, like an inconvenience (when it's customer service's job to deal with this stuff) or at worst, like I'm trying to scam The Pokemon Company. I was hoping that this would be a reasonably-priced alternative to buying from Japanese eBay sellers. Looks like I'll be buying from eBay for the foreseeable future.

Suddenly, scarcity!

One of the other irritating things about collecting. It's the opposite of buying something relatively rare and having 3 or 4 of them pop up for much less. There have been several things I've put off getting because, for the longest time, they were everywhere for largely reasonable prices. Then, suddenly, all the reasonably priced ones disappeared and I was left with a bunch of listing with very high prices. (We're talking $60 (US) for a relatively small plush!) This mostly seems to happen with very popular Pokemon. I've also had this happen with a few other things I'm collecting, mostly Sailor Moon.

This happened with the Raichu Pokedoll before I started collecting seriously. They certainly aren't rare, but he's popular and people generally refuse to part with them. I was lucky to get one for around $60.

I actually saw this happen with the Pokemon Time Charizard plush. They were all over eBay and other places forever, for $20-30 before shipping. Then they started disappearing. I got lucky and snapped up one of the last listings for about that price--the rest were $40+! I realize it's still found on Y!J for reasonable prices (although not common), but once you factor in the deputy fees and two lots of shipping, you're much better off going through eBay, since there are no surprises.

And then there have been a few things I still haven't gotten yet that have been subject to this. The big one right now, since I'm trying (and failing) to focus on my Char collection, is the 2013 Pokemon Center Charmander plush. They're at least $40 right now, with none of them on Y!J. The other big one (but much lower down on my list of wants since I haven't played Gen 6 yet) is the Mega Charizard X plush. They're now around $60. Others in this category, it seems, are the Tyrunt PC plush, the Little Tales Pikachu mascot plush, the Pumpkaboo clear file, the Japanese Wobbuffet Pokedoll, and the big Patchwork Pikachu plush (the mascot remains elusive as ever). The Tyrunt problem seems largely due to the release of the Pokedolls, but...

There are several things that I'm starting to think could fall into that category: PC sitting Eeveelution plush, the Furret MPC (along with other MPCs), and the type focus merchandise. The color-changing mug has a going rate of $40 right now, but there are several of them out there.

Ow! My wallet!

So, June is shaping up to be a rather expensive month, collection-wise.  I've already pre-ordered the Red Nendoroid figure. (I really hope it's worth it, and I hope GSC and Nintendo team up for some additional human characters from the game or show--I'm hoping a set of the Kanto gym leaders and Jessie and James!)  Then, the PokeCen Japanese Design promo comes out next week;  I want that chirimen Pikachu plush, the teacups (both designs), the various drawstring pouches, and some of the pins and charms.  This month also sees the release of the normal type promo from Banpresto; I need the Furret and Snorlax MPCs, the rubber Furret charm/keychain thing, and the Snorlax pillow.  (Then there's the pre-order for the ice-type promo in July, with the two Lapras plush!)

In addition to Pokemon, we also get the re-release of the Inner Senshi Petit Chara figures from Megahouse at the end of the month, and the release of the outer Senshi at the end of the month.  I'm pretty sure there's more; at any rate, there's certainly more stuff that I want (the outer senshi prism files, the melamine cup with Luna and Artemis, the Luna plush pouch, Sailor Mercury merch...)  As far as the Petit Chara figures go, I'm not sure if I want to buy a box or two from CdJapan or J-List or something and then buy/trade for the figures I'm missing (since I want the full set), or pay extra for the full sets from eBay and save myself the trouble. Decisions...

There's also all of the existing merch in my wants post.  A ton of them were super common for a while, then disappeared except for extremely high prices--the Wobbuffet pokedoll and the Little Tales Pikachu mascot plush come to mind.

On top of that, June is also Bath and Body Works' Semi-annual sale.  If you're not familiar, basically it's their opportunity to clear out old stock--anything from past seasons that didn't sell--as well as bring back old favorites (either otherwise online-exclusive scents or a complete re-introduction). Luckily enough, this year, there isn't anything in the returning scents that I care about.  (I have a ton of Black Raspberry Vanilla already!)

So, because this is going to be an expensive month, if I buy anything, it'll be largely smaller stuff (cards and so forth) off my wants list so that I have cash for promo merch! 

Tags and sets

I can be a little...anal about some things. Plush hang tags are or are not one of them. For most plush, I don't care too much. If it comes with tags, I treat them carefully, but if there are no tags, it doesn't phase me much. But. My plush sets must match. My Canvas plush I prefer without hang tags (which has the advantage of making them cheaper), since my first and second Canvases (Charmander, Umbreon) came without them. (My Bulbasaur has his hang tag, but I won't hold that against him...) Pokedolls are a weird case. I have 2 Laprases, one with, one without a hang tag. I was originally going to go for hang tags on all of them, but I have an Umbreon with no tag, and Venusaur, Charizard, and Entei with tags. So, my new rule for Pokedolls is: Matching sets. So, Eeveelutions should be the minky ones, 2008 release preferable, without hangtags; but Blastoise, and the unevolved Kanto starters should have their tags (luckily, this is pretty easy to do). If I get Suicune and Raikou Pokedolls, then those should also have their hang tags.

Slipping through my fingers

Part of the trouble with being on a collectors' website/group is that you find things that you never knew you wanted. And for some reason, for me, I find these things in a group auction or group buy. If it's a group buy, I'm usually too late. If it's a GA...well, I have no luck with these for in-demand items. There was the huge Pokemon lot from a moderator of the community, which the group lost (and someone else re-sold most of the lot back to the community >:( ). Then there was the clear file GA, where the seller didn't want to deal with middleman services. I think this most recent GA, however, was the most painful for me. I was hoping to get my hands on the full-size Espeon & Umbreon tote bag, but got outbid with 5 minutes to go, and everyone on the community seems to think you're a tool if you bid within the last 5 minutes, so I backed off. Unfortunately, that meant I also had to resign myself to the fact that I would probably never see this item at a reasonable price ever again. There are a couple on eBay, but the pricing on eBay for Pokemon promo items is terrible. These tote bags don't seem to go for under $100 on eBay. Even the little one is $199.

I keep swinging back and forth between being a responsible adult (not buying things, or doing the research beforehand) and impulsive OMG-want-grabby-hands! buying. Justifying the latter is often pretty easy ("I will never find this again"), although it often does pop up again, sometimes for a better price. Unfortunately, this, combined with "being a responsible adult" also means that I often don't buy the things I've wanted for some time (I've had a DX Vaporeon and the Pokemon Time Charizard plush on my "shopping list" for nearly a year...) and/or I miss out. This has happened several times with cards, various plush, and some other things, like the Sailor Moon swing keychain set (the Inner Senshi, which is getting increasingly difficult to find). The grabby-hands is really not helped by the whole collector community, either, because I keep coming across things. It also makes it easier to justify buying stuff on there, because it's usually much cheaper than eBay, Amazon, or Pokevault. The other problem is that it gives you an idea a) of how rare stuff is, and b) what reasonable prices are. I'm pretty sure that I could have bought some of the stuff I've had on my wish/want list several times over!

A Leafeon collection? Madness!

I've been playing Diamond again. (I beat the Snowpoint gym recently. Yes, I've had this game since Christmas 2007, and it's taken me 7 years to get this far. Looks like I average a gym per year?)

C finished the game a long time ago, and bred and EV-trained me a whole bunch of Eevees, and then evolved them so I now have all of the Eeveelutions I want. (Basically, everything but Glaceon, since it's not terribly useful. It's trying to be Vaporeon, but its stats aren't all that great.) Anyway, out of all the Eeveelutions, Leafeon has just about the best stats, and it's started to grow on me. I'll admit that at first, it didn't strike me as particularly cute, and a fox evolving into a vegetable? Madness. But Leafia (he nicknamed them all with the Pokemon's Japanese names) is starting to grow on me. Also, pure grass-type FTW, because so many of them are grass/poison, which makes dealing with Psychic types really annoying.

I've already got the Pokemon With You badge, with the 201(2? 3?) clear file, the 2009 clear file, and the My Pokemon Collection plush on the way. I don't really want to turn this into a full-fledged side collection, since I already collect 3 other Eeveelutions (Umbreon, Espeon, Vaporeon). If at all possible, I'd like to keep it as a "random items" collection, the same way I collect Flareon. (My lack of Flareon collecting, though, is because a) I haven't used it in the game because there are far better fire types out there, and b) none of the plush appeal to me.) Leafeon merch, mercifully, is sort of the same way, so I'm thinking select plush (MPC, Pokemon Center Standing, maybe the Tomy and Canvas) and figures/accessories (Ippai figure, Pokemon center strap, possibly the Pita Poke and the Pokedoll figure). If I do get a collection going, it's going to have to be kept as a secondary side, kind of like my Lapras collection, but Leafeon has a whole lot more merch...

It's sometimes hard to distinguish between what I have a soft spot for vs. what I want to collect, and how actively. I've mostly been trying to stick to Pokemon I used when playing Red back in the day, with Umbreon and Espeon from G/S. Umbreon and Vaporeon are pretty rock-solid in my collection (I think I have 7 official Umbreon plush and my desk buddy, the bootleg Pokedoll, and 6 official Vaporeons), but I only have 4 plush (and a couple kid figures) for the Charmander line. (It doesn't help that Charizard merch tends to be expensive because he's popular, and that Charmander plush frequently tend to be on the derpy side.) So he would be a main collection, but that doesn't seem to have panned out yet. There are several Pokemon that I used in Red that don't really have much merch (the Abra line, Sandshrew/Sandlash, the Pidgey line), and while I love snakes, Arbok has relatively little merch as well. Meanwhile, I keep waffling on creating Sentret/Furret and Aerodactyl collections. I'd probably have the best luck with Sentret/Furret, wouldn't I?