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Patience is not one of my virtues

So, this weekend saw the launch of the Pokemon Time Eeveelutions. Yeah. More 'Vees. (Do we really need more?) Every Pokemon Time campaign includes blind-packaged tins. This year, though, there were also blind-packaged rubber straps (in addition to the normal figure straps) and blind-packaged t-shirts. Blind-packaged T-shirts. I have no idea what the logic is (beyond making people buy more to get the shirt they want, with the added benefit possibly giving everyone a fair chance to get the one they want, since I imagine Sylveon and Umbreon would be gone very quickly), but there we are.

I managed to get the mascot plush, figure straps, and clear files I wanted via community pickups. I left the rubber straps and tins, figuring that I could pick them up (opened) on Y!J or Pokevault later. Turns out that PokeCen really loves "secret" versions of blind-packaged items, and there are "secret" Eevee, Espeon and Umbreon poses. It seems that Umbreon is VERY popular in Japan, since the secret pose Umbreon strap auctions quickly run up to a lot of money (for something so tiny), to the point that it becomes cheaper to buy the one off eBay (when all the middleman fees are added in, at any rate). I'm still stalking Y!J for both Espeon and Umbreon straps, though. Maybe I'll get lucky. A part of my brain is aware that it might be better to wait until the hype dies down, but I'm not patient.

The other thing I wanted from this promo? The T-shirts, despite being blind-packaged, me having zero luck with blind packaging, and the fact that I'd probably never wear them. I wanted one each of the 'Vees I collect (Vaporeon, Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon) and Jolteon (I'm developing a soft spot for it, it seems). Unfortunately, the person doing pickups couldn't get the shirts. So I'm stalking Y!J again. I BIN'd both Espeon and Umbreon just to avoid the stress of auctions, despite my brain's cries of "Yo, that's 50 dollars for a T-shirt" once you factor in shipping and fees. (Ok, not quite, owing to the favorable exchange rate.) I am very glad I BIN'd Umbreon, though, since the auction for the last one on Y!J went for 6000 yen! I haven't managed to find Vaporeon yet, though. The lot I was eyeing was bought while I was asleep T_T, and there haven't been more of them popping up (yet). I'm hoping that PokeCen restocks them one of these days--they'd have to be mad not to (since they sold out on day 1), but you never know...

Edit: And of course, true to form, PokeCen restocked the shirts after I'd bought them. Go figure.
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