Wants: Actively seeking.

This is the constantly-evolving list. Full wish list is here.


Banpresto figure keychain*
Tomy N-08 Bulbasaur plush
Clear Ivysaur Kid*
Bulbasaur roller stamp
Nanoblock Kit
Grass Type Focus Stationery (A5 Notebook)


Charizard Pokemon Time bookmark
Nanoblock Kit
Mega Charizard X plush
X & Y Kid figure

Banpresto keychain
Kyun Chara Figure
Winterwish Pokedoll charm
2015 I Love Eevee Banpresto Mascot Plush
2015 Pokemon Time T-shirt

Vaporeon+Jolteon Clear File
Sketch mug
2015 Pokemon Time T-shirt

Banpresto figure keychain
I <3 Gothic plush*
I <3 Eevee keychain plush
Pokemon Center Sitting/"trick pose" plush
2015 Pokemon Time T-shirt

Shiny Magikarp charms (Nagoya Renewal)
151 Magikarp badge
Magikarp Pokedoll
Red Gyarados Plush

Pokemon Center Shopper Clear File
Friends Plush
Banpresto Halloween Plush

Pokemon With You badge
Petit Mascot Plush*
Petit notebook, pen, stickers
Secret Base Plush

Pokemon Center Exclusive Pikachu clear files: Yokohama
Patchwork Pikachu mascot plush
Rainbow Plush series (Esp. Dittochu, Lying one)
Pokemon Time Raichu notebook, tin
Petit Raichu notebook, pen
Chitose Airport Plush
Kagoshima Store plush
Pokemon Center Plush (Raichu)
Rock Star, PhD Cosplay plush

15th Anniversary Pin

Pokedoll Figure
Pokebox 2014 Charm
2015 I Love Eevee Banpresto mascot plush

Pokemon Time Tin

Any stationery-type items featuring the Espeon & Umbreon promo (stickers), and the tin
Umbreon and Espeon Pokemon Time tote bag (either color)
Shiny Rayquaza charm, shopper
151 (15th anniversary pins): Abra, Alakazam, Sandshrew
Xerneas, Pumpkaboo Pokemon Center plush*
Japanese Design Promo Kokeshi charm set (Pikachu, Farfetch'd, Hawlucha, etc.)
Pokebox Eeveelution Pins (full set with coins)
Hanafuda promo: Card deck, Clear Files (all), Pins (Sandslash, Eeveelutions, Kanto Starters, Zubat), Teacup
Pokemikke: bento box
MegaTokyo Grand Opening: drawstring bag, pen, stickers, pin set

First Movie promo cards (Pikachu, Electabuzz, Dragonite, Mewtwo)
Video Deck Ivysaur, Venusaur

Non-Pokemon Wants:
Sailor Moon Petit Chara figures (Mars B, Jupiter A, Super Moon B, Chibi Moon B, Pluto B, Saturn B, school uniform set)

*=medium priority
(nothing)=low priority, but still looking
strike=found/purchased, but hasn't arrived yet.

OK, seriously?

Why is it that I buy rareish stuff from Y!J or eBay, on the grounds that I will probably never see it for sale again, and then a short time later, another one pops up that is significantly cheaper?

This has happened at least twice. Once with a set of eeveelution clear files, and once with a plush grail. Grouch.

permanent wants post/wishlist

The purpose of this is to a) organize my thoughts, and b) a reference for trading. I try to stick with Pokemon I used in the games. I love the Kanto starters and their evolutions; Kadabra; the "legendary dogs" of G/S/C; Raichu and special/limited Pikachu plush; the Eveelutions (except Sylveon and Glaceon); fanged Pokemon (hence Pumpkaboo even though I haven't played X and Y!); Lapras; Magikarp and Gyarados; Sentret and Furret; Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar; Kyogre; Spheal; Wailord; Oddish; Sandshrew and Sandslash; fossil Pokemon; Dratini and Dragonair; Articuno; Pidgey, Pidgeotto, and Pidgeot; Munchlax; and Arbok. (That's a lot, I know! Random merch is as much as some of these will get.) My main collections, though are below, and any wants from the ones that aren't a main collection are below those.
I mostly collect plush, but as you can see, Kid figures, clear files, Pokemon Time merch, straps/charms/keychains, and pins are also welcome. I'm not a huge fan of most other figures unless I mention them below. Customs are also good. :)

Click for the stuff I'm currently actively seeking.
Plush don't need to have hang tags, though they are preferred (except Pokedolls, unless otherwise noted).

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Non-Pokemon Wants:

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Bath and Body Works candles (14.5 oz/3-wick):
Autumn Sky (Test scent for Fall 2014)
Coconut Mango Cooler (Summer Sips Collection, 2014)
Winter White Petals
Sparkling Confetti
Vanilla Bean Noel
Pumpkin Gingerbread
Baltic Black Pearl

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Totoro Plush
My Neighbor Totoro pins

Build-a-Bear Toothless Plush
*Strikethrough=Purchased, but hasn't arrived yet
**=high want